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[Q15] Can I use for a POP3 server?

[A15] Sorry, Only supports IMAP servers.

[Q16] But for disable, rule is executing.

[A16] At Rule screen, But for turn off "Enabled", rule is executing.
We fixed this problem at version 1.0.8.

[Q17] Autosort is not working well.

[A17] Please see logs, you will find the point at issue.
o Set Email address at "From". Don't set display names.
o Don't specify 'space' or null character.

[Q19] Can I use 'IMAP Folders' on iPod touch 1st gen?

[A19] Yes, we confirmed working on iPod touch 1st gen. with version 1.0 (Oct. 1st 2009).

[Q33] It keeps me telling me Network failure

[A33] May be SSL certificate on your mail server is unofficial.
Please use official certificate, or install PFM or DER format file by Mobile Safari.


It seems to be trouble with SSL.
Please set below:
ˇ¦Server Port 143

[Q35] Wrong Timestamps

[A35] Because of iOS5 API specifications, some type of timestamps display may wrong date time.
We fixed this problem after version 1.2.2.

After installing version 1.2.2, mail list were cacheing, so you can clear the cache:
Settings - IMAP Folders - Empty Cache ON

[Q39] Something wrong with Yahoo! Mail.

[A39] Sorry, we are not support Yahoo! Mail (yahoo.co.jp, yahoo.com, ymail.com, rocketmail.com), because server behave is abnormal.

o You can see 2 'inbox' folders.
o Fail to remove or move messages('copy' is successful).
o You can not create 2nd level folders.

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